O, Canada

I don't follow hockey much any more for various reasons (not the least of which being NHL Commish Gary Bettman), but I did find time yesterday to settle in for the overtime period in the Canada-USA Gold Medal Game. And ya know what? I actually enjoyed it. Never mind the fact that the game was basically an All Star Game, given that pretty much every guy on both sides is an NHL player. The only thing I didn't like was the OT format: if you've already gone 5-on-5 for 60 minutes, why are you going 4-on-4 in the extra session? Most likely to open up the ice, I'm sure. Anyway, as I was saying, I enjoyed watching. NBC's coverage wasn't too blatantly annoying and I thought it was only fitting that Canada win the gold in their own country. And I'm sure it made members of the NHL brass shit themselves to watch Sid the Kid, the other face of the league (the other belonging to Alex Ovechkin), be the one to score the game-winning goal. Crosby didn't get Tournament MVP honors -- that went to Ryan Miller, who was awesome -- but I'm sure Sidney didn't mind. After all, Crosby's a native Canadian, he plays their national sport, and he brought home the gold for his country. Literally. With the Olympics over, the NHL season resumes tomorrow. Sidney Crosby will rejoin his Pittsburgh Penguins to face the Buffalo Sabres and their goalie -- Ryan Miller. Talk about a coincidence.