NY's Finest

MLB Network had a short retrospective on Hot Stove tonight for the people baseball lost in 2011. One of those who passed away this year was former Dodger great Duke Snider. At one point during the retrospective segment, former teammate Carl Erskine recounted a story that, sometime in the ’80s, Snider, Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle walked into Shea Stadium from beyond the center field wall together. Erskine went on to say he asked for Snider’s autograph later because seeing him together with three of the greatest players who ever played was so special. He said Snider absolutely was every bit as good as they were1. Sometime while Erskine was talking, the camera cut away to this: title I thought this was an awesome photo. Really cool to see all four superstars together.

  1. He really was. Snider’s a Hall-of-Famer, one of Roger Kahn’s famous Boys of Summer. From 1953-57, Snider hit 40 homers and drove in more than 100 runs every season, all the while playing Gold Glove-caliber defense in CF.  ↩