No Comment

MG Siegler, on blog comments:

Here’s the thing: while some try to paint comments as a form of democracy, that’s bullshit. 99.9% of comments are bile. I’ve heard the counter arguments about how you need to curate and manage your comments — okay, I’m doing that by not allowing any.

Let’s be totally honest here: anyone worthwhile leaving a comment should do so on their own blog. Very few read blog comments anyway. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Commenting is a facade. It makes you think you have a voice. You don’t. Get your own blog and write how you really feel on your own site.

Earn your voice.

Truthfully, I turned off comments because I’m fucking lazy, but Siegler’s right on here.

For me, the decision to go comments-off has been very liberating in two ways: 1) as I say, I’m lazy, so disabling comments frees me from the ball-and-chain of moderation; and 2) in my experience, 90% of the comments I read on the Web lead to asinine, non-constructive pissing contests. It ain’t worth it.

Whatever type of blog you write, turn off comments. Life is better that way.