NHL 14 Includes NHL 94 Anniversary Mode

Samit Sarkar, writing for Polygon:

NHL 14 players will be able to travel back in time with the game’s NHL ’94 Anniversary Mode, a special mode to mark that seminal sports title’s 20th anniversary, publisher Electronic Arts announced today.


You’ll use a throwback three-button control scheme to play: pass, shoot and turbo. An EA Sports representative told Polygon that gameplay in the mode will have more of an arcade feel than NHL 14 proper, with a faster game speed and a higher prevalence of big hits. It will also relax the rules of hockey — no penalties, offsides or icing. Expect to see players break glass with slap shots and body-check goalies.

Without a doubt, NHL ’94 is my all-time favorite video game. My uncle and I played the crap out of it on his Genesis back in the day. He still has it, so we play it whenever we’re feeling nostalgic.

I’ve only ever had two criticisms of the game: (1) EA removed the fighting that was included in NHLPA Hockey’93; and (2) there was no season mode. If NHL ’94 had these features, it would’ve been the perfect sports game. Nonetheless, I have fond memories of playing it, and it’ll forever hold a special place in my heart.

(via The Loop)