'2014 Was a Rotten Year for Pro Football'

Ian Gordon for Mother Jones, "The NFL's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year":

Famous for his "protect the shield" mantra and disciplinarian ways, Goodell has seen his reputation get battered throughout the controversy-filled 12 months since Super Bowl XLVIII. So, as Ballghazi rages on and the big game approaches, here's a look back at the recent firestorms and missteps that made 2014 such a rotten year for the league and its commish:

This season was the first season that I can remember in which I didn't follow the league. I barely watched any games, instead keeping track of happenings via Twitter. I like football as a sport, but the modern NFL has me losing interest. It's not just about the scandals Gordon writes about either; the offense-oriented, pass-happy, QB-favoring style of play is, to me, one-dimensional and boring.