Apple Launches Free Next-Day Shipping on All iPhone Models

Juli Clover, writing for MacRumors:

Apple today launched a new promotion for U.S. customers, providing free next day shipping on all of its iPhone models. While Apple typically provides free shipping for all orders over $50, the promotion also includes the iPhone 4, which is free with a two year contract.


Potential customers are limited to purchasing two iPhones with the newly released shipping offer, which is available immediately.

This is cool. It makes me even more excited for the next iPhone; I can get mine quicker.

While my 4S is still a great phone, having played with my little sister’s iPhone 5 and those at the Apple Store makes my phone feel cramped in comaprison. Having an extra 176 pixels is a big deal, especially to a visually impaired person like myself. Add in the aluminum body, LTE, and thinner and lighter size, I think the 5S (?) is going to be a great upgrade for me. (Not to mention I’ll be able to get it from AT&T at the subsidized price.)

All this to say that, yes, I’ve felt a tinge of gadget envy missing out on the 5.