My Minor Role in a Major Success

Issue 27 of The Magazine went out today. Moreover, this week The Magazine celebrates its 1st birthday. It was a year ago that Marco Arment announced his new project to the nerd world. It's a special time for everyone involved with the publication, editors and contributors and readers alike.

I write about this occasion because, personally, I have a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings towards The Magazine. Marco and Glenn Fleishman — the gentleman to whom Marco sold the publication — gave me my first shot at published authorship, which in turn gave me the courage to take a massive leap of faith, and turn that taste of success into a full-fledged writing career. For that, I owe both men a huge debt of gratitude, because were it not for their willingness to take on my story, I wouldn't be where I am today.

I'm keenly aware of the fact that my new life as a writer is still in its early days yet, and I try to approach every new article opportunity with the greatest sense of humility. I'm confident, however, in saying that I firmly believe my success — every link, every new friend, and every new party — thus far can be traced directly back to my beginnings with The Magazine. I learned so much from Glenn about the process of pitching, good writing, and especially editing. Glenn made me work my ass off on “Re-Enabled”, poring over revision after revision, until it became the absolute best it could be. To this day, I couldn't be prouder of that piece, and the feedback I still get some ten months after publishing is astounding.

While this all may seem too sentimental and feel like I'm overstating, it's really neither of those things. I feel the exact same way towards a former mentor teacher of mine from my old job in special education. Without her training me in the beginning, I never would've learned all that I did about the field and of young children in general. I tell her that every time I get a chance to see her, because she knows what my years at with the school district meant to me, both personally and professionally. Extrapolating this theme even further, without all my said training and expertise in my old job, I never could've pitched what turned into “Re-Enabled” to Marco and Glenn, because my knowledge of the subject matter wouldn't have existed, which subsequently would've meant I couldn't speak as well on iOS accessibility as I do.

So, you see, I'm damn proud to be called a contributor to The Magazine. It's an honor and a privilege for me to be able to say that I helped, however in a small way, The Magazine reach the level of success it enjoys today. I know the lessons learned during my first go-round have and will help me as I slowly but surely plug away at my new career. My future is better and brighter because of the opportunity The Magazine afforded me a year ago this week.

Now if only I could come up with a good idea so as to make me a two-time contributor.