Multi-Touch Blogging

Despite the fact I have a research paper due in about 48 hours, no information has been searched and not a single sentence written. That's because my new favorite toy -- the iPad -- finally made its long-awaited journey to my doorstep yesterday afternoon. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been too enamored with this thing to care about such a mundane task like writing a paper. Then again, I could just make productivity fun by writing said paper on here. In any case, I'm having a blast using the iPad. Aside from having some issues with MobileMe pushing my contacts to the device, everything else works just like Steve Jobs advertised. The hardware is classic Jony Ive-inspired beauty with its aluminum-and-glass enclosure. The display is massive and absolutely gorgeous. The apps are great. The thing is wicked fast. The soft keyboard is a pleasure to type on, especially in landscape. Video looks amazing. Even the speakers are pretty damn loud and clear, not tinny-sounding at all. I'm sure I have more than a few gripes, but I don't hesitate in saying that I think Apple's hit another home run with this tablet. But I think it's time to end the love-fest and get cracking on that term paper. The iPad needs to charge anyway.