Much Ado About Nothing

One of my guilty pleasures is watching electronics presentations on the home shopping networks. More often than not, I'll watch HSN, but QVC and ShopNBC work too. I don't watch with the intent to buy anything -- I like to watch to see what's being sold and how the on-air talents hawk said products. Alright, I'll admit it: the real reason I watch is to scoff and snicker. Seriously. It's really fun. It's not a matter of "Windows PCs suck" or "the iPad is better". What I find so entertaining about these presentations is how every single product is made out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. And how shopping with [insert network here] is the best because nowhere else in America can you get such value. Now, I know the goal here is to sell product, so obviously they're going to promote whatever it is until they're blue in the face. The problem is, in doing so, the so-called "tech experts" who demo this stuff aren't really, um, showing any expertise. I think a new job title is in order here. Or a swift kick in the ass. Or both. Take this piece of shit tablet from HSN. I saw it being demoed on TV this afternoon. Both the host and the "tech expert" bent over backwards going gaga over how incredible it is. What's more, they coyly tried to disparage the iPad because, unlike this hallmark of engineering, it doesn't have an HDMI port or an microSD card slot. And it's "closed and proprietary" and way more expensive. Because, ya know, paying 50% less is always a better deal. Too bad you get less too. But they won't tell you that! They don't realize it. It's so much fun watching these people makes fools of themselves. They blabber on and on and on about how great this thing is, yet the reality is they have no fucking clue as to what they're talking about. If they did, they would know that Android 2.2 isn't meant for tablets and fixed storage really isn't that big a deal. They'd also know that the iPad does, in fact, support HDMI-out  and actually runs an OS meant for the device. So, you see, doing a little homework would've done wonders for their credibility. All this and I didn't even mention the "ours plays Flash video" comments. Nothing like kicking the tires and gloating in order to sell something. Bud Selig would be so proud.