Movie Musings

I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo this afternoon. My first at-the-theater flick in a long time..

Three things about the experience stuck out to me:

  1. Rooney Mara is hot.1 I’d never heard of her before this movie.
  2. The soundtrack to the movie2 is pretty awesome, too.
  3. Movie theater prices are fucking ridiculous, as are popcorn sizes.

Thing #3 stuck out to me the most. I caught the 2:40 showing, so I paid the $8.50 matinee price. That was cool. But then I get myself a small popcorn and a medium soda, and that costs me over $10! Having worked at a movie theater when I was younger, I know that theaters make more money from concessions than ticket prices, but still it’s pretty bizarre to consider I paid more for my snack than I did for the actual movie. Also, the portion sizes for popcorn are crazy too. My small size looked like a medium, and could’ve easily fed two people3. I can’t imagine the people who get the large and extra-large sizes. No wonder America is getting fatter and fatter by the year; our portion sizes are out of control.

Gripes aside, it was a fun afternoon. As I said, I really liked the movie a lot, and Rooney Mara is very easy on the eyes. In fact, seeing this not only prompted me to get the soundtrack, but I’m also planning to get Stieg Larsson’s book as well. I definitely recommend going to see this if you haven’t already; I know for sure I’ll be seeing the sequels. I should point out, too, that the movie definitely earned its R rating. It’s not family-friendly at all. Some very disturbing and sexually explicit scenes. Absolutely a movie for adults.

  1. Interesting tidbit about her: She’s the great-granddaughter of Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants founders Art Rooney, Sr. and Tim Mara, respectively. (via Wikipedia) ↩

  2. I’m downloading it from iTunes as I type this. The soundtrack was written by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, both of whom scored The Social Network. It went on to win last year’s Oscar for Best Soundtrack.  ↩

  3. Full disclosure: I ate about three-quarters of the bag because I was starving.  ↩