Mountain Lion Gets Golden Mastered

Arnold Kim for MacRumors, on Apple’s releasing the GM seed of Mountain Lion to developers:

Apple released the Golden Master (GM) version of OS X Mountain Lion to developers today. The “golden master” designation indicates that this version of the software is intended to be the final version released to the public, barring any last-minute issues. The Build is 12A269.

Translation: 10.8 should make its debut very soon.

I love John Gruber’s quip today about this:

Six months ago, we didn’t even yet know it existed.

This is true.

I remember waking up a few months back, only to launch Tweetbot on my iPad and see all these Holy shit! tweets about Apple’s reveal of Mountain Lion. To say the announcement was a surprise is an understatement of massive proportions. This was an utterly came-out-of-nowhere, blindsiding piece of news. Soon after, the gag order was lifted, so guys like Gruber and Jim Dalrymple published their first takes on the new OS.

Craig Federighi said at WWDC last month MoLo was due in July. Now alls that’s left is the when in July.