Walt Mossberg Announces Retirement

Mossberg is a legit legend in tech journalism. Here's his post at The Verge:

So it seems fitting to me that I’ll be retiring this coming June, almost exactly 47 years later. I’ll be hanging it up shortly after the 2017 edition of the Code Conference, a wonderful event I co-founded in 2003 and which I could never have imagined back then in Detroit.

I didn’t make this decision lightly or hastily or under pressure. It emerged from months of thought and months of talks with my wise wife, my family, and close friends. It wasn’t prompted by my employer or by some dire health diagnosis. It just seems like the right time to step away. I’m ready for something new.

I tweeted this morning about the time I saw Mossberg "up close." I was standing in the press line, waiting for my badge, at last September's iPhone 7 event. I look ahead of me and there he was, back turned in conversation with a crowd of people. I thought about going over to say hello, but didn't. I regret it, because he's someone whom I respect and look up to. What a career he's had.