'The Apple Pencil From a Non-Artist's Perspective'

Dan Moren, writing at Six Colors, on his new Apple Pencil:

All in, I’ve been very impressed with the Apple Pencil. It’s exactly the kind of device that we’ve come to expect from Apple—I haven’t spent any time with the much-beloved AirPods, but I imagine that they evoke a very similar feeling. It certainly isn’t a cheap piece of hardware in construction or price, and I imagine that it’s a splurge for most iPad users—especially non-artists like me. But if you’ve been curious about it and you’re in the market for a new iPad Pro, I have to recommend indulging that curiosity, especially with iOS 11 coming down the road. You may find yourself as delighted as I’ve been.

TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino shared a similar sentiment in his 10.5" iPad Pro review:

There is also a massive bonus when it comes to the Pencil. Because it’s sampling 120 times per second, it’s able to make the Pencil appear even smoother, with the tip following the draw point precisely. Apple says that the latency (delay) of the pencil is down to 20 milliseconds, but with the higher refresh and some additional behind-the-scenes predictive magic, it can actually get down as low as a perceived 8ms, which is insane. The Pencil quite simply offers as close to a paper experience as you’ll see on any commercial tablet anywhere.

While I don't use it often, I believe an argument can be made that, on their own merits, the Apple Pencil (and the AirPods) are two of the very best products to come out of Cupertino in recent memory. There's a delightful feeling in using such a familiar tool in familiar ways that make the Pencil-and-iPad combo magical. A few weeks ago, I had to sign and return a PDF in Mail, and I did it all in Markup mode on my iPad with the Pencil. It was fantastic.