'Twitter Doesn't Want You'

Speaking of disliking Twitter the company, Harry Marks writes they don’t like nerds like me:

Twitter doesn’t want you. The nerds, the tinkerers, the hackers, the people who build something from nothing - you are not Twitter’s demographic.

You ignore the ads and report the promoted tweets as spam. You use apps and services that block those things from your timelines. And worst of all, you’re loud.

You have no problem making your opinions known and some of you have more pull than most of the celebrities posting pics of their new haircuts.

You are a motivated group with money to spend on causes you believe in and you’re not spending that money on the products advertised on Twitter.

The irony of this is, as Marks points out, users essentially made Twitter what it is:

  • Users came up with the concepts of @replies and hashtags.
  • The developers at The Iconfactory, creator of Twitterrific, coined the term ‘tweets’. They also were responsible for using a blue bird as the icon.
  • Third-party clients help grow Twitter into the goliath it is today.

(If you think I’m full of shit, listen to Episode 14 of The Talk Show. John Gruber talks to Craig Hockenberry, who works at The Iconfactory, and tells the story about how tweets came to be.)

I joined Twitter pretty late, in June 2010. In that time, though, the service has become an indispensable resource, so it’s sad (and maddening) to see Twitter fuck up their service just to make a few bucks.

(via Ben Brooks)