'Is Your Team's Owner a Major League Asshole?'

Four of Mother Jones writers -- Tim Murphy, Ian Gordon, Tasneem Raja, and Sarah Zhang -- collaborated on a cool piece that details MLB’s “deepest pockets and reviled personas”.

Living in the Bay Area, I was excited to read about the A’s and Giants.

On Athletics owner Lew Wolff:

[A] real estate magnate and hotel developer, bought the A’s in 2005 and has talked openly about moving the team more or less ever since. But his biggest crime may have been shutting down the upper deck of the mostly-empty O.co Coliseum, which had become a refuge for fans wishing to smoke pot during the middle innings. He gave just $2,500 to federal candidates in the 2012 cycle; now politicians know how the A’s fans feel.

And Giants’ principal owner Charles B. Johnson:

[A] mutual-funds baron and the 211th-richest person in the world according to Forbes, spent some $200,000 to try to defeat California’s Proposition 30, the sales and income tax increase that included elements of the state’s millionaire’s tax initiative. (Prop. 30 passed in November.) Other political expenditures: $50,000 for Prop. 32, which would have kept unions and corporations from using automatic payroll deductions to bankroll political activity, and $200,000 for Karl Rove’s American Crossroads.

Interesting sidebar about Wolff: he was roommates with MLB commissioner (and former owner of the Brewers) Bud Selig in college.