Missouri Schools to Offer Concealed Weapons Trainings

Michele Richinick, reporting for MSNBC:

A fee of $17,500 gets a district a 40-hour firearms training that lasts for five days for two staff members who spend time both inside a classroom and outside at the range firing pistols. Instructors at Shield Solutions in West Plains, Mo., teach participants how to handle firearms and tactical movement, as well as the history of modern, active shooters and how to apply a tourniquet, said Don Crowley, lead instructor and training supervisor. On the range, they position “innocent” targets in front of the “bad guys” for discretionary shooting lessons, he added. “We know this isn’t a perfect fix,” Crowley told msnbc. “We want to level the playing field and give our school staffers a fighting chance to defend those innocent students.” Volunteers must qualify at 90% or higher and pass a skills test to graduate from the program. They become employees of Shield Solutions and are required to attend an additional, minimum, 24-hour firearms training each year. The gun "rights" rhetoric is ridiculous --- next, we'll send our preschoolers to school outfitted with bulletproof vests.