'Minding the Store'

Horace Dediu, on the impact John Browett had on Apple’s retail stores:

John Browett joined Apple in April and left in October. A mere six months. How did Apple retail perform in those two quarters? Very well actually. Which is to say, as well as it has previously given the overall performance of the company.


If stores did not show any effect of poor management, then why was Browett fired? I suspect it had mostly to do with a mis-match of understanding of the job the stores are hired to do by consumers and by Apple itself. The company treats the stores as a sales channel but also as a communications channel with its customers.

It didn’t end all that badly for Browett, though. As one commenter following the article points out, even after only 6 months at Apple, the guy never has to work ever again.

(via Jim Dalrymple)