'Michael Sam Focuses On Making the Rams, Not History'

William C. Rhoden, writing for The New York Times;

The reality is that Sam, whether he likes it or not, is a trailblazer. He has made a significant impact — on the league, on fans and on an American sports culture that is not the most progressive — before playing an N.F.L. game. He continues to attract attention and stir debate at training camp, where the Rams will decide whether to keep him. Regardless of what happens, Sam continues to raise awareness and smash stereotypes. “Whether he makes the team or not, this has already been an important moment for our nation and for sports,” said the Rev. Jonathan L. Walton, a professor of Christian morals at Harvard and minister of its Memorial Church. “He defies our stereotypes; he is defying our assumptions,” Walton said. “We’re not supposed to see a defensive end or a linebacker wearing a pink shirt and kissing another man — and yet be scared of him at the same time because he can kick our butt. That’s not supposed to happen.” I'm pulling for him to make the team.