MG Siegler Reviews the Nexus 7

Turns out he really likes Google’s newest tablet:

Having used a 7-inch tablet for the past week, I now see it as an absolute no-brainer that Apple has to make an iPad with this form factor as well. Of course, such rumors have been swirling for a while — and now the smoke seems too thick for there not to be a fire. It’s coming — but when it does, Apple will find itself in a position it hasn’t been in for some time: being a second-mover to a good product already on the market (as opposed to being a second-mover to a bunch of mediocre-to-shitty products, as has been the case many times in the past).

Given the horrid state of the Android tablet landscape, this is huge. If and when the “iPad Mini” hits the market, it’ll be really interesting to see how the Nexus 7 does with consumers.

Whatever happens, Google deserves the utmost credit for finally delivering a quality Android tablet.