'An iPhone Lover's Take On The Facebook Phone'

MG Siegler for TechCrunch, on the Facebook Phone — rather, Facebook Home:

Facebook has said they plan to update Home at an aggressive pace. That’s great news. It’s nice to have another innovator in the space, even if they aren’t building their own phones or OSes. That’s a technicality. To most people, this will sure feel like a Facebook Phone. And for now, the Facebook Phone. And given the quality of the work here, I see this all as nothing but a good thing.

If you read only one review of Facebook Home, read this one. It's great stuff.

I fully agree with Siegler that Home not being a full-blown OS is merely semantics. The HTC First may indeed be the first to get Home, but since it's available on Google Play, the software will effectively turn other Android phones into "Facebook Phones". And give how immensely popular Facebook is, I think it'll resonate with a lot of people. As I said before, to many people, Facebook is the Internet.

What impresses and excites me about Home is how well it's designed, both practically and aesthetically. It seems very well done, which is another big reason I think people will gravitate to it. Myself, I'd love to try this out, but I'm not so sure I'd want my phone dominated by Facebook information. Their iOS app is all I need to get my fix, not to mention the system-wide hooks in iOS and OS X. For better or worse, I consider myself a fairly heavy Facebook user, but even so, I don't need nor want Facebook all up in my, um, face.