On Blogging About Baseball at 14

Sam Laird for Mashable, in a cool profile of Matt Nadel:

While most kids his age are preoccupied with Grand Theft Auto or first kiss fantasies, 14-year-old Matt Nadel of New Jersey is busy building a miniature baseball blogging empire. He writes for a total of 10 publications online and off, including his main project — a baseball history blog called Baseball With Matt.


Nadel launched his career just over a year ago after becoming immersed in baseball history during his pre-teen years. He launched Baseball With Matt — which brings readers “all the buzz on what wuzz” — last April and the site just recently logged its 40,000th visitor. Posts there range from interviews with baseball lifers, to retrospectives on Hall of Fame players, to little-known bits of trivia.

I really enjoyed reading this piece. It’s so cool to see a 14-year-old so passionate about baseball history, and want to write about it. (Baseball history is one of my favorite subsets of sports.) Even more admirable is Nadel’s committment to teaching karate to kids with special needs.

(via my pal, Karen Datangel)