Matt Gemmell's 'Writing Tools'

Matt writes about the tools he uses to, well, write:

I spend quite a bit of time writing, and I’d like to briefly share a list of the main tools I use - not just for the writing itself, but to help myself focus, resolve issues, and overcome the occasional bout of block.

I’m always keen for new (to me, at least) app recommendations, so I’m putting BBEdit and Scrivener on my “apps to get” list. BBEdit is of particular interest, as I’m familiar with its long history and reputation amongst Apple nerds, but I haven’t actually used it myself. Also, as a writer, I’m always interested in hearing about what tools other writers use, with the idea that maybe I'll like them too. Shawn Blanc’s positive review of Byword prompted me to try it, and I’ve loved it ever since. In fact, I’m using it right now (the Mac version) to type this post.

I like Matt’s tip about the beanbag. I’ll have to buy one -- or swipe borrow one from work.