'The Day the iPad Became the Mac'

Matt Alexander, commenting on the ever-growing capabilities of the iPad:

Although many, myself included, are reticent to wholeheartedly embrace the iPad as a primary computing machine, there’s an increasingly large amount of people who are more than willing to do so. With each passing day, the compromises of relying upon an iPad for work are dissipating, whilst the Mac is steadily becoming more and more resigned to niche tasks for power-users.


The PC is “old” and the iPad and iPhone are at the forefront of the company’s profitability and growth. The iPad is the future of the company’s presence in computing and today, in my eyes, marks the beginning of the company’s true and emphatic push into that era.

Anyone who believes the iPad is just a “consumption” device is full of shit.

I’ve banged this drum several times before, but I love working on my iPad 3. And whereby “work”, I mean write, which the iPad is great for. While there is a twinge of anachronism in pairing a hardware keyboard to an device that’s built for touch, the fact remains the iPad is a real computer capable of real productivity. To claim otherwise is naive and short-sighted.

(via Shawn Blanc)