Market Share Madness

John Gruber, writing about “The Church of Market Share”:

There’s no question in my mind that the most appealing thing about Android as a platform is its overall market share. The more Android devices that are out there, in use, the more appealing the platform is for developers. But to think that market share alone is a primary motivation for all or even most of the developers who’ve turned the iOS App Store into a phenomenon is to miss the forest for the trees. It’s looking at the market from the viewpoint of a spreadsheet, reducing everybody and everything to numbers.


What I see as the fundamental flaw in the Church of Market Share doctrine is the assumption that users are users. That one platform with, say, 40 percent market share, must be in a stronger position than another platform with, say, 20 percent market share, simply and inherently on the basis that a larger number of users is better, period.


Market share is definitely something, but it’s not everything.

But Android is winning! (Sort of.)

As Gruber says in his piece: “A fire can’t keep burning without fuel, and profits are the fuel for business.”

Last I checked, Apple has a shitload of fuel to keep their fire burning for a long time.