'Cooking on the Line is a Sport'

Karen Stabiner, in a profile of chef Kevin Peel for The New York Times:

Being a professional chef, like being an elite athlete, tends to be a young person’s game. When he started out, Mr. Peel thought nothing of shifting a 125-pound stockpot full of hot, sloshing liquid from one burner to the next without calling for help, his arms stretched away from his body, muscles tight to control the motion. It was a recipe for trouble down the line.


A chef’s early years are arduous, devoted to working the line — cooking some portion of what lands on the plate, shift after shift.

Long ago, I was accepted in the Pastry Arts program at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. I never attended for financial reasons, but after reading this piece I’m glad I didn’t. I most certainly couldn’t have endured the long hours on my feet, especially considering my cerebral palsy.