'A Letter to Today's Young People'

Marco Arment:

Most people in the world are good, and want to be good to each other. Whether they vote that way or not, far more Americans believe in progressive, liberal, inclusive views than regressive, aggressive, conservative ones.

Young people know this better than anyone, because young people are overwhelmingly liberal, even more than older people. That’s not because you’re inexperienced — it’s because you’re right. Your generation is, by definition, further ahead on the march of progress than everyone else. It is literally you who cause the progress as older people die and you rise into power.

Marco is generally correct that Trump's reign of terror won't last forever—thank goodness for the Twenty-Second Amendment—but Trump's presidency is unprecedented on all sorts of levels. Democrats could win the White House and Congress in the future, but the damage a Trump administration could do to America is potentially irreparable. That's why the prospect of President Trump is so bone-chilling—we don't know how the hell Trump will govern the nation, but early indications are it's not going to be pleasant for scores of people. Personally, I'm terrified to see what Trump might have in store for people with disabilities. What's going to happen with my rights?

Trump won't be in office forever, but the damage he could inflict very well may be.