'There's No Avoiding Google+'

Marco Arment, commenting on Google’s (sad) attempt to be Facebook:

But Google’s increasingly desperate push to cram Google+ down everyone’s throats hasn’t made Google+ any more relevant. It has only resulted in a lot of confused Google-account owners who inadvertently “upgraded” to Google+ while trying to do something else on a Google property, and who don’t even realize that they have this account on this social network that none of their friends use even though they all accidentally have accounts on it.

I know I’m on Google+, but couldn’t care less. It isn’t that I dislike the service -- it’s just that it’s not relevant to my life or the lives of those I care about. I do have a few friends there (mostly from Facebook), but their pages look as barren as mine does. I keep getting emails from Google offering suggestions for people to friend, as if to imply that they know I’m not an active user so they want to call my attention to it. Those messages go ignored because, again, Google+ isn't on my radar. If it were, their app would be on my phone. It isn’t.

Unlike a a lot of nerds, I actually like Facebook a lot. It’s allowed me to keep in touch with family and friends whom I don’t (or haven’t) seen in quite some time, and that’s valuable to me. I’m also not too paranoid over Facebook serving me ads or selling me to the highest bidder. Call me naive or stupid, but that’s just how I feel. Facebook is relevant to me, and I enjoy being a part of it. Their app is on my iPhone and iPad, and I use it a lot.

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