March Madness

No, this post isn't about the NCAA basketball tourney or Charlie Sheen. (Although, haven't the people on Earth gone mad when Mr. Tiger Blood gains over two million followers in, like, a month? ) What this post is really about is what a crazy-ass month March has been so far, and it's barely 12 days old. I mean, just last week Apple announced iPad 2, then today they release it to the gadget-hoarding masses, and Japan suffers the seventh-largest earthquake on record. Not to mention the facts that my uncle and I are getting a new oven soon, I'm going back to work the last week of the month, and I'm typing this post on my new old computer. Yes, my computing habits have been fully liberated as last night I officially made my aluminum MacBook my main machine. Ya know what else is crazy about March? Last March, I managed to blog an astonishing 19 times -- that makes up for 31% of my posting history! Rest assured however: that definitely won't happen again this year. Then again, it was more content for my wee smattering of readers to feast on. Think positive, right? What will the remaining 19 days of the month bring? Better yet, will April be as scintillating? Time will tell. (I know one thing -- I can hardly contain my excitement for next week's season finale of V. Spoiler websites say it's going to be a "bloodbath". Three prominent characters aren't coming back for a third, if there is such a thing.) Charlie would say this month is winning -- well, except for the people in Japan. Otherwise, March has got tiger blood all over it.