So earlier tonight on Facebook, I received a comment from someone politely chastising me for my use of the word "shit" in a status update from a few days ago. I then replied to this person saying they should steer clear of my blog if they didn't approve of my using coarse language. With that in mind, I came across this blog post (via John Gruber) and found a couple sentences that perfectly capture the feelings I have for every bad word and off-color remark I've ever written here1. It reads in part:

There's so many rules right outside the door. What good's a blog if you can't light things on fire?

As soon as I saw this bit, I knew I had to write about it2. Couldn't have said it better myself.



1. Not that I have a habit of doing so, of course. The link under About explains my attitude towards this.

2. A rarity for this blog. Inspiration doesn't always strike on a whim like it did a few minutes ago.