Major League Baseball Embraces Passbook

Matthew Panzarino at The Next Web writes about MLB's commitment to using Passbook for tickets:

In the two weeks that the Passbook program was in place at four Major League ballparks, Passbook accounted for 12% of sales of single game tickets purchased online, around 1,500 in total. Those numbers seem pretty darn impressive, the parks are not minor ones, and that's a decent chunk of ticketing. But they get even more impressive when you think about the breakdown.

That 12% is only two weeks, only counts online purchasers who chose to deliver to mobile users, who were iPhone owners, and those that updated to iOS 6 (which was only available on the 19th of last month) within that period could take advantage of Passbook. I think its very safe to say that percentage is going to get a lot higher next season, when the MLB rolls out Passbook support to many more parks.

The four ballparks included Citi Field in NYC, AT&T Park in San Francisco Fenway Park in Boston and Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. Those parks were chosen for a variety of reasons, among them that they were being served by MLB subsidiary, who worked hand-in-hand with MLBAM to get the logistics of the integration worked out on the ground.

This is great news. I'm glad to see Passbook gain more traction with consumers. So far, I've only used it at Starbucks and at the movies, and it's been fantastic. I'm excited to see how else I can use the app.

(via Daring Fireball)