Jason Snell Leaving 'Macworld', Staff Laid Off

Jason Snell announced today that he's leaving Macworld and comments on the lay-offs:

Last December, after several corporate leadership changes, and with budget cuts looming on the horizon, I decided I couldn't go on. My newest set of bosses persuaded me to stay give them a chance. So I continued to work and ponder my next move. Then another leadership shift occurred, the sixth in 24 months. The new bosses were actually my old bosses, and they knew exactly how I was feeling about my job and the prospect of going through more painful changes. To their great credit, they allowed us to end our relationship amicably. I thank them for their support and their generosity. They even asked me to write a final front-of-the-book column in the November issue of Macworld. Unfortunately, many of my colleagues lost their jobs today. If there's anything I can do to help them, I will. I have had time to plan for this day, but they haven't. You probably know some of them. Please join with me in giving them sympathy and support. Sad news. I've written a few things for Macworld, and the editors with whom I worked were great to me. My work for them has played a big role in propelling my career and my name to where it stands today. I sincerely hope those who were laid off find new jobs soon. To be clear, Macworld.com won't be going away; it's just operating under the watch of a greatly reduced editorial staff. (The print edition has been axed, though.) Still, it won't be the same without the bylines of Snell, Dan Frakes, Dan Moren, Serenity Caldwell, et al. Snell, in fact, is joining Relay FM as a co-host to two podcasts.