'What's the Best Way to Migrate?'

Jason Snell weighs the pros and cons of the different ways one can move data to a new Mac.

I prefer starting fresh, which is what I did with the 13-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro. The first apps I always install are 1Password, Dropbox, and Ulysses—they're the only "mission critical" apps I need to be productive. I haven't used a Mac regularly enough to acccumulate enough cruft (music, photos, etc) that I absolutely need anything else right away. Hence, I don't mind adding things as I need them. At this moment, this MacBook is pretty lean, as I've added a few apps I use from the Mac App Store.

On iOS, however, I definitely prefer syncing via iCloud backup. I use my iPhone and iPad far more, so I have accumulated a lot of stuff—apps, photos, Home screen layouts, etc. Whereas adding things piecemeal on the Mac is tenable, it's absolutely unteneable on my iOS devices. It's tedious and time-consuming, so I would much rather get up and running on a new device as soon as possible. (This is especially true now that I've gotten review units for a while now.)