"Like the Very Blood of Satan Himself"

Master of Malt, in describing their Naga Chili vodka:

“The horror! The horror!” What have we done… I’ll tell you what we’ve done, we’ve created a monster. We filled a carboy with vodka, and into it we poured so many Naga Jolokia chillies that there was nothing but darkness in that carboy, nothing but darkness. We left the chillies to infuse and impart their flavour, colour and deathly fire into the vodka, and we’ve bottled the result. We are sorry. We are truly sorry.

And from the “tasting” notes (assuming one’s taste buds aren’t instantly rendered useless):

Nose: Good crivvens, this stuff smells like pure evil, like the very blood of Satan himself. Such a pungent nose of chilli, it makes your eyes water just sniffing it.

Palate: Oh, actually, this stuff’s not so bad… Wait a second… What’s that… A burning sensation… Oh dear please no…

Finish: asdfkjhjj hfasjklkljfds klajkh khffjk hfjkhfjhklfhjkjfj fkjhlf

This stuff rates 100,000 on the Scoville scale. Suicide in a bottle.

(via The Loop)