Inside the Mothership

Steven Levy wrote a splendid feature for Wired on Apple's new campus, Apple Park:

It’s probably more accurate to say that Apple Park is the architectural avatar of the man who envisioned it, the same man who pushed employees to produce those signature products. In the absence of his rigor and clarity, he left behind a headquarters that embodies both his autobiography and his values. The phrase that keeps coming up in talks with key Apple figures is “Steve’s gift.” Behind that concept is the idea that in the last months of his life, Jobs expended significant energy to create a workplace that would benefit Apple’s workers for perhaps the next century. “This was a hundred-year decision,” Cook says. “And Steve spent the last couple of years of his life pouring himself in here at times when he clearly felt very poorly.

I tweeted a little while ago about how curious I am to know which parts of the new building are ADA-compliant—and how Apple achieved them. I kinda wish it was part of Levy's story.