On 'A Rare Political Breed'

Sarah Wheaton for The New York Times, on the rise of lesbian Republicans:

Although the Republican Party has long drawn gay men who believe strongly in the party’s message of small government and a muscular military, Republican lesbians are a rare political breed.

“Oh, we’re like unicorns,” said Erin Simpson, 51, who cites “personal liberty” as a fundamental value and teaches firearms safety in Tucson, Ariz. Ms. Simpson, who came out in February, was “very disheartened” by Mitt Romney’s loss — one fueled, in part, by overwhelming gay support for President Obama.

There is no way to measure their true numbers, but gay activists say that in many cases, these “unicorns” began life as Republicans first — driven by conservative upbringings, economic issues and libertarian principles. They often did not acknowledge their sexual orientation, even to themselves, until middle age.

“Gay Republican” seems so oxymoronic to me. That said, despite my disagreeing with their politics, I salute Lehman and those who fight to break the all-gays-are-liberals stereotype.