Leave Him Alone

Mat Honan, defending the Ghost of Steve Jobs:

It’s tempting to say “Steve Jobs would have done this,” or “Steve Jobs would not have done that” because he was a familiar figure and we do have a good idea of his sensibilities. But that’s a lazy rhetorical device, and it’s devoid of real meaning. If it did have any authority you wouldn’t see, for example, people arguing both sides of an issue—like whether or not he would have approved of the new iPad.

If Steve Jobs were Apple, the company would have gone out of business before his body was in the ground. They are not one and the same. Sure, it may be a reflection of him, and he unquestionably was its visionary who was ultimately responsible for so many of its great products, and its remarkable success. But Apple is not Steve Jobs, nor vice-versa.

Steve Jobs is dead. He doesn’t need to do another day’s work as your puppet pundit. Let the man rest.

Best fucking thing I’ve read all day. (And, oh yeah, Tim Cook has a 97% approval rating.)

(via Marco Arment)