'Kindergarten Comparison'

Sara Wottawa, writing for the No Common Sense Education blog:

When my daughter was in K, her experience fostered a love of learning and for school.

Sabrina’s kindergarten Experience consisted of: Hands on projects every day, learning through experiences, daily centers, basic letter sounds and words, a little independent reading at home , a lot of family reading,[…]

My son’s Kindergarten (2012–2013) experience has been hijacked.

Mikey’s Kindergarten experience consisted of: Very few projects, centers 1x a week, 5 or more black and white math pages daily, writing stories, spelling and spelling tests which are graded, editing sentences, 1 page of homework a night plus independent reading, family reading is not encouraged,[…]

It’s criminal what’s happened to early education. All the adults are in such a rush to get ahead.

Kindergarten (and preschool, depending on the program) has sure changed a lot since I went.

Update: For context, see this link post from back in April.

(via Progressive Review)