Karen Datangel's Keurig 2.0 Review

My friend Karen reviews the coffee maker on her blog, Karen On:

Overall though, I’m deeply in love—no, grossly obsessed—with my new Keurig. I’ve been able to drink a lot more coffee in the morning because it’s just so easy to brew a cup. Plus, it’s also easier to enjoy my mornings as a whole when I’m having coffee that I love. Keurig has exposed me to so many different types and flavors of coffee.

The Keurig we have at the house is an older model, but it works. Before moving to San Francisco, I had never used one before. It doesn't produce the best cofee on the planet, but I love the sheer convenience of it. If I'm not drinking Starbucks, then I'm usually drinking coffee from the Keurig.

(Sorry, Marco.)