'The Man Behind the Apple Watch'

Robert Sullivan, in a profile of Jony Ive for Vogue:

Reportedly Ive’s wife, Heather Pegg, has never been [into Ive's design studio]—he doesn’t even tell her what he’s working on—and his twin sons, like all but a few Apple employees, are not allowed in either. Work is conducted behind tinted windows, serenaded by the team’s beloved techno music, a must for the boss. “I find that when I write I need things to be quiet, but when I design, I can’t bear it if it’s quiet,” he says. Notably, this anecdote from when Ive was younger made me smile: In high school, Ive studied sculpture and chemistry, and in 1985 he enrolled in the design program at Newcastle Polytechnic, where he became known as passionately detail-oriented, creating dozens of models of a hearing aid to be used by deaf children and their teachers.