Steal of First Base Breaks Scorekeeping Software

Jeff Blagdon, writing for The Verge:

On Friday, Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Jean Segura performed an act of baserunning lunacy so unforeseeable that play-by-play software couldn’t even process it, says baseball historian David Vincent. offers a detailed account of the bewildering play, in which Segura tried unsuccessfully to steal third, ran back to second (now occupied by teammate Ryan Braun), and seemingly got tagged out before sprinting all the way back and “stealing” first. Later in the inning, Segura tried, unsuccessfully, to steal second, but because the scorekeeping software wasn’t equipped to handle the case of a runner going backwards around the bases, the official box score shows Segura being tagged out at third.

Be sure to read Jayson Stark’s analysis (linked to above). Good explanation.

What a crazy sequence.