Jacksonville Jaguars Forget to Wipe Playbooks Off iPads

Jeff Weintraub, writing for DiehardSport.com:

So their current Head Coach Mike Mularkey knew about the problem when he took the job this past off-season, because the Atlanta Falcons had an old Jaguars player on their roster when they faced off against Jacksonville December 15th, 2011. Not that this would have been a huge deal, because a new coaching staff would mean new playbooks.

That being said, this is hysterical, and it shows exactly why they're such an inept franchise. How can you forget to get a players playbook back, or in this case to make sure you delete the program from his iPad? Just brutal. I'm sure this was only part of the reason they lost to Atlanta 41-14.

Makes you wonder if this isn't part of the reason the Jaguars are 2-13 this season.

(via @BleacherReport)