On the Common Core State Standards & Kindergarten

Valerie Strauss for The Washington Post, on how kindergarden’s become an abomination:

Remember back in the olden days when kindergarteners used to be allowed to learn from playing? Now, in the age of the Common Core State Standards, 4 and 5 year olds are being required to do things such as write “Informative/Explanatory Reports” and identify topic sentences.

It’s happening across the country as part of the school reform movement that has pushed down academics to the kindergarten level, entirely ignoring the fact that many young kids aren’t developmentally ready for this kind of activity.

The article mentions a story in the New York Post in which the NY Dept. of Education wants kindergarteners to demonstrate “algebraic thinking”. (Don’t bother reading this one; I just did and am now sick to my stomach.) The concept has sure in hell changed since I went.

This is so developmentally inappropriate on so many levels, it isn’t funny. Kindergarden is German for “child’s garden”. A garden is supposed to be enjoyable, immersive, exploratory, and playful. I don’t think identifying topic sentences or solving algebraic equations hold any connotation to those adjectives. It’s ridiculous how curriculums are getting increasingly academically-focused as the grade level gets younger. It’s fucking nuts.

That sound you hear is Froebel rolling over in his grave.

(via Progressive Review)