'The Calm Before the Storm'

Stephen Hackett, on the flurry of stuff rumored to come out of Cupertino in the coming months:

[I]f my running list is correct, this is what we should see between now and December 31:

  • New iPhone(s?)
  • New iPad
  • New iPad mini
  • iOS 7
  • New Mac Pro
  • OS X Mavericks

If we assume Intel’s Haswell chips are ready to go, Mavericks may usher in new iMacs, Mac minis and/or new MacBook Pro with Retina display models. I’d say it’s safe to assume the iPod line will also be tinkered with before the holidays.

(Don’t forget Tim Cook’s mystery “new product category,” either.)

Stephen’s headline for this piece is perfect.

Perhaps it’s partly because of my new role as a freelancer, but I can’t remember being more excited about this fall. I’m really looking forward to the September 10 iPhone event, and I’m also looking forward to writing about all the new toys. That said, Stephen’s point about the first nine months of the year being boring is well taken; if I were Apple, I would definitely work hard to find a way to better spread product releases throughout 2014. It’d be much easier for my wallet to take.