'It's My Site'

Stephen Hackett, on the rationale behind writing so much about his son's battle with cancer:

I know I’ve written a lot about my son and his battle with cancer here in the past, and I know it’s weird to do it on a tech-centric website like 512.

The reality is that 512 isn’t just a tech site. It’s my site, and I choose to write what I care about. The month of May is burned in to my very DNA and thus gets fleshed out on these pages.

Personally, I enjoy it when Stephen writes about Josiah, good or bad. To me, there are so many other, much bigger sites that are all tech, all the time; it's refreshing to see stuff on other topics. I really appreciate the indie writers in this space whom I follow so closely when they branch out, like Shawn Blanc writing about his son or John Gruber sharing Christmas with his son.

In terms of the "this is my site" sentiment, I will admit to being sorta upset that I lost a good number of RSS subscribers in the wake of publishing my hypothetical letter to Rick Perry. I even considered banning myself from posting about politics altogether, but ultimately decided that wasn't fair to me. I believe in my views, and I write about them because I want to share my opinions. At the end of the day, this is my site and my voice — I'll write whatever I damn well please. I just need to remind myself not to get so caught up in the numbers game so much. I don't write for subscriber counts.