On the Purported Changes to AppleCare

Stephen Hackett, in response to rumors that Apple is overhauling its AppleCare service:

Adding perks like “24/7 support” and better in-home support makes a lot of sense as a “new tier,” but people already balk at the somewhat expensive AppleCare warranties. In my time at Apple Retail, I would very often share with people that even the cheapest repair on their Macs could easily be more expensive than the warranty — even the $349 coverage for MacBook Pros.

Changing AppleCare from a one-time purchase to some sort of subscription would ease the sticker shock, but I think people are also weary of paying yet another monthly bill for something they don’t see tangible reasons for owning.

However, if I could pay a flat fee each month (or yearly) and have all of my Apple products automatically covered under AppleCare, I’d do it. I just think I might be in the minority there.

In the five-and-a-half years I’ve owned Apple gear -- starting with the original iPhone in 2007 -- I’ve not once gotten AppleCare for any iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac that I’ve bought. Maybe I’m an idiot rogue, but I’ve just never felt so compelled to buy the extended warranty. Luckily for me, none of the products I’ve owned have needed repair either1, since I baby them so much. That said, if Apple were to offer a subscription plan, as Stephen suggests, then I might sign up.

  1. My aforementioned iPhone probably did, but it was too late to save it.  ↩