The iPhone X Goes to Disneyland

in a clever conceit for a review, TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino took his iPhone X review unit on a family trip to Disneyland. His reviews, along with those by BuzzFeed’s Nicole Nguyen, are always the ones I read first. So good.

In particular, this bit from Panzarino’s story made my heart sing:

It’s worth noting now that toggling attention detection off for Face ID is also going to be good for accessibility reasons. Vision-impaired folks, especially, will benefit.

In fact, I believe strongly that Face ID is going to be an incredible boon to accessibility. Touch ID is difficult to operate for many with motor skills or mobility issues, forcing them to rely on a simple passcode or none at all. Face ID’s ability to passively know who you are and allow you to begin taking action right from the home screen with VoiceOver is going to be killer. Apple has had a massive lead in building accessibility into its products for some time now, and this is only going to widen the gap.

I can’t wait to put iPhone X through its paces.