'How Apple Could Kill the iPhone SE'

I missed this smart piece by Rene Ritchie from August:

An iPhone with a big screen and a small form factor might not be in the cards for the iPhone 7, but in the future? Over time it’s not screen size that regresses, it’s form factor that progresses.


We may not be anywhere close to the the credit card-thin, transparent aluminum phones seen in Iron Man or Avatar, but we are close, maybe closer than we think, to a 4.7-inch iPhone that feels like an iPhone SE.

I'll never again use an iPhone that isn't a Plus, but I'd for sure take a smaller Plus.

On the other end of the spectrum, my girlfriend loves her iPhone SE. She hates the larger 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhones, as she says they're too unwiedly to hold and pocket comfortably. Conversely, when I hold her SE, I'm reminded how great the small phone feels in my hand. I'd never use an SE due to screen size, but it'd be magical if Apple somehow could make the iPhone Plus feel like an SE while retaining the giant screen. As Rene writes, someday.