Thoughts on the iPhones 6 and Using a Case

Since the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale last month, there has been much discussion regarding whether to use a case with the new phones. To wit, here's Jason Snell's take:

I have always appreciated using my iPhones as they were born, a naked robotic core with no adornment. And I’ve never dropped one. But I’ve been using an Apple iPhone 6 leather case for the last couple of weeks, and really liking it. Myself, I've long been a fan of cases for my iPhone. To me, using a case provides not only protection against bumps and bruises, but also they add texture to the device, the friction of which makes gripping it much easier. This is especially true for this year's new iPhones; as "big and slippery" as they are, using a case makes sense. In my experience, I've found using my iPhone 6 with a case to be great. I bought one of Apple's silicone cases alongside my phone on launch day, and find it to be durable and grippable. As I have cerebral palsy, the strength in my hands isn't the best --- even in my dominant hand --- so the case adds as a security blanket should I ever accidentally drop my phone. As well, I find that pushing the volume and power buttons to be easier with the case on because it adds visual definition and better tactile feedback. In short, using a case on my iPhone 6 is a usability win. That said, I have heard many on Twitter proclaim the polar opposite: I can't fathom putting a case on my new iPhone. It's not an unreasonable stance; after all, the iPhones 6 are made of sturdy materials and, of course, why bother covering up such a beautiful industrial design? In fact, I love the feel of my iPhone 6 naked --- to me, it feels even better in hand than the iPhone 5C that I lusted after all last year. Yet for as luxurious as the smooth surface and curved glass of my iPhone 6 is, the truth is I'd rather be safe than sorry. I could very well change my mind in the future, but for now, I'm 100 percent a case man.