'Talking About iPads and Real Work'

Shawn Blanc, on content creation on the iPad:

As amazing as mobile and personal computing is today, it is still in its infancy. The iPad is only a few years old, and think of how far it has come already. Twenty years from now, the average PC will probably be much more like a tablet (or a cell phone) and much less like a laptop/desktop. When my oldest son starts his freshman semester in the fall of 2030, I doubt we’ll be weighing the pros and cons of the iPad’s ability to do real work. [...] [B]ut I think those who are doing “real work” from their iPhone and iPad, are, in a small way, helping steer the direction of the personal computer. I've said numerous times how much I enjoy working from my iPad; my new iPad Air and ZAGG Cover keyboard cover are especially delightful. While I admit to sometimes feeling frustrated at iOS's limitations compared to my Mac's, the fact remains that iOS still performs incredibly well in helping me do what I need to do. Yes, a Mac would be easier and more efficient in some cases, but those cases are few and far between, and I find the iPad's advantages, for me, far outweigh the disadvantages. Put another way, I'll take my lumps when I get them. See also: Joanna Stern's piece for the WSJ on the tablet as a "laptop replacement".