'iPad Pro in the Classroom'

Karan Varindani, writing at Medium:

The iPad Pro is an odd device to think about. Compared to the new MacBook with Retina Display, it has both a larger, clearer display, a faster processor, better battery life, and it’s thinner and lighter to boot. Even as an iPad, it isn’t for everyone.

The iPad Air wins in any situation where you need to hold the iPad and do something; its portability can’t be touched by anything other than the iPad mini, and I’m going to miss being able to get stuff done on the train or while walking between classes.

The iPad Pro wins anywhere you can sit it down; be it on your lap when reading an article, in bed when watching a movie, or on a desk when doing work, its power really shines through. And when it comes to getting school work done digitally, no device does that better than the iPad Pro.